About HCG and Weight Loss

HCG which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, is a diet known to be a weight loss procedure or protocol. Most individual who have used easy HCG for weight loss, have experienced remarkable changes. It can help one to lose about 2-3 lbs per day. This also depends on the calorie diet that one takes.

If one takes a very low calorie diet of about 500 calorie, then combine with intake of HCG, the body’s metabolic rate increases and hence uses the stored fat as a source of energy. This will definitely result to loss of fat quickly.

There a number of HCG protocols used to help in weight loss which include shots, drops, pellets and sprays. HCG shots for weight loss have been manufactured but have not yet been approved. Researchers have promised that the product is effective and harmless. They also say that it will help reduce your weight faster. The shots are only legal if prescribed by a health expert.

HCG Weight Loss

We all know that low calorie diets result to lose of weight. However, studies have shown that HCG has nothing to do with it. A HCG diet will limit you to take about 500 calories each day for about 9 weeks will still taking HCG drops. The diet will only allow for 2 meals each day, where each meal should contain a fruit, one vegetable, one protein and one bread. One can throw in a meat as long as it does not contain visible fat.

Taking coffee, tea and/or water is allowed with the use of sugar substitutes to sweeten them. Sugar, oils and butter are not allowed in the diet. The diet is strict on calorie limit and sometimes is uncontrollable and even dangerous for an individual to live on just 500 calories a day. This is because it can impossible to completely meet your daily nutritional needs on such a diet. It is recommended that a we should take not less than 1250 calories a day. And if we do, we are require to take supplements which may turn out to be challenging.

If one is obese, a doctor will recommend that you take a low calorie diet of not more than 1000 calories each day, with careful supervision. Vegetarians are advised not to follow the ‘HCG for weight loss’ diet or else be forced to consume alot of skimmed milk to supplement for proteins. This is because the diet includes milk which is not a vegetarian’s diet.

Guide to Choosing Asphalt Companies

Going through a big number of asphalt paving contractors in an attempt to choose the right one can be a rather daunting task. With so many options, a person may wonder how to ensure that he or she ends up selecting the company that is right for them. This article looks at some of the important questions to ask oneself when going through various Denver asphalt companies.

One of the factors to put into consideration is the firm’s specialty. To start the process of narrowing down the long list of paving companies, a potential client consider what the various firms specialize in. For example, anyone who wants their driveway to be given a seal coating should look for a firm that specializes in residential driveways. An entrepreneur who needs the parking lot of his business to be repaved can select a commercial paving specialist. Above all, they should go for a contractor with a lot of skills when it comes to dealing with the specific material they are interested in.

Another thing to put into consideration is what former clients think of the company. There is no better way of finding out what to be expected from a paving contractor that talking to someone with firsthand experience. A potential client should look for someone who hired the services of one of the firms he or she is considering. One should not just trust their eyes, meaning that it is a good idea to ask a former client about the whole experience. In addition, one should always go through customer reviews prior to selecting asphalt companies.

A potential client should always find out if the firm is insured. Legitimate asphalt companies have full liability insurance, meaning that a client will not be on the hook in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong. Verifying that a contractor is insured is very important. If the state one lives in requires all contractors to have a license, a client will want to verify that too.

The other tip involves obtaining proposals from several asphalt companies and ensuring that all are making bids on the same quantity and type of asphalt mix. This would enable the client to make a fair comparison. Each of the bids should identify clearly the type of product to be used. In addition, it should give an estimated time frame for completing the work. The lowest bid should be carefully scrutinized, as one get what he or she pays for.

Mesothelioma Risk Elevated in Scandinavian Firefighters

A 45-year study finds that, like their firefighting colleagues around the world, firefighters in Scandinavia face an elevated risk of mesothelioma and other cancers because of exposure to various toxins.

Researchers with the Institute of Statistical and Epidemiological Cancer Research in Finland recently released findings of a study of more than 16,000 firefighters from Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Information on the firefighters’ cancer incidence was drawn from census data on 15 million people for the years 1961 through 2005. The research team analyzed the standard incidence ratio (SRI) of mesothelioma and others cancers among firefighters by comparing their figures with rates of the same cancers in the entire population.

risk of mesothelioma

Not surprisingly, mesothelioma was not found to be a significant problem among younger firefighters (30 to 49 years old), although these firefighters did have a higher-than-average incidence of prostate cancer and melanoma skin cancer. Because mesothelioma, which is caused by asbestos, can take decades to develop, it is more common in older patients. Among the firefighters who were over 70, there was an elevated risk of mesothelioma, as well as non-melanoma skin cancers, multiple myeloma, and lung cancer. The study found an SIR of 2.59 for mesothelioma, meaning there were more than 150% more cases of mesothelioma among firefighters than in the general population.

Summarizing the data in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the authors write, “Some of these associations have been observed previously and potential exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, asbestos, and shift work involving disruption of circadian rhythms may partly explain these results.”

A major U.S. study of more than 30,000 firefighters released last year found a similar elevated mesothelioma risk. Although asbestos, a component of thousands of older building materials, is not considered a threat when it is intact, firefighters who enter burning or demolished buildings often encounter it in the form of toxic dust. Once inhaled or ingested, asbestos remains in the body, where it can trigger a chain of physiological events that result in mesothelioma decades later.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this article. This article was written by a third party and its content reflects the views of the third party and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions or of Surviving Mesothelioma or Cancer Monthly.

Superhero Vasectoman – a Nonprofit Web Design Case Study.

Recently Big Orange Planet made a site called Vasectoman for a non-profit organization here in Colorado. It was pretty unique project to take on, but we are delighted with the overall results. It was unique in the sense that the objective was to somehow portray getting a vasectomy procedure as a hip, fun thing to do, ( it isn’t.)

Our clients were of great assistance in this effort. They possess an excellent sense of humor which was a large part of the overall build process and this is reflected in the website itself. The marketing messages are impactful yet witty all at once. And as for the embedded youtube videos- they are positively hilarious in some cases.


From a coding perspective we used a WordPress framework with the addition of a few plugins to add the necessary custom functionality.One important feature on the website is the ability for site users to search various nearby locations, and naturally for the site admin to oversee and generate those location addresses in the database. Also the ability to process credit card donations was required, which we accomplished using Stripe as the processor. Together with a comprehensive suite of CMS tools at the stakeholder’s disposal, the website owners received full operational control of the backend admn system.

Responsive web design programming was used to maintain cross device compatability and to ensure a perfect page display every time, no matter the device type. A blue color palette was adopted in the design stage, this color shceme being more orientated towards males generally (but there is also an area of the site specifically geared towards women, who obviously also have an interest in the issues raised by the website.)

Finding good images was one of the harder facets of the project as a whole. An important mission for the site is to speak to a wide range of demographics- men of varying race, age, andbackground. With much input from our end client, we obtained enough imagery of diverse individuals and some familes.

One of the final tasks to accomplish before the website went online was the insertion of video segments. There are quite a few you tube videos embedded in several of the web pages. Some use actors, while others real life interviews. The appeal to all of video is targeted towards maximizing the website’s popularity and of course getting its important messages across.

Further Studies in Anatomy and Physiology

Going through school is not always fun, and finding the right teacher to help you learn all that you need to learn can be even tougher. For those students who are taking Anatomy, many will benefit from learning from an anatomy and physiology study guide to help them understand the small nuances of taking this class.

For any student who wishes to enter the Nursing curriculum, there are many pre-requisites that must be taken and A&P is one of those classes. The problem with this class is that there are some very passionate teachers and there are some that are not so talented even though they may love this subject. For students who are in these types of classes, having a guide to help to help navigate through the tougher concepts in this course has proven to be extremely powerful.

There are many students who enter this class with a lot of hope and expectation only to be hit with so many required hours of studying that they either drop this class and never take it again, or they end up failing their other classes because this class demands so much of their time. It has been said that for every hour that a student spends taking notes, he or she will need to spend another 2-3 hours going over the concepts and trying to learn them before the next class. This is because the next class will more than likely assume that you have these concepts down pat and will introduce newer concepts that must be understood, not memorized. Memorizing in this class can be seen as very negative because what a student memorizes or crams in for a test can easily be forgotten. The solution to this is to have a guide that can help them really understand what is being taught.

How to Choose the Best Boxer Puppies for Sale

Nothing is as exciting as bringing a boxer home to your family; your children will be happy to have a new friend to play with as this dog breed is very friendly, intelligent, loyal and quite playful. Boxers give so much love, kisses and companionship are guaranteed when you train and have this breed of dog around to care for. Due to the desirable attributes of boxers, it is important to know how to choose the best to join your family. The following tips will assist you get the best boxer from the best breeder that is worth your money.

boxer puppyThe first and most important element to put into consideration is the fact that the breeder you choose to purchase the boxer puppies from should not just be responsible but must also have a good reputation. This is essential because a dog’s health and adult disposition is greatly influenced by its genes hence a reputable breeder will offer nothing less than that. A reputable and very responsible breeder such as Loyal Comrade Boxers is the one who is always yearning to produce the best breeds all the time. Actually, it is very difficult to find the best puppy breed in litters but only those with faults of which you would be required to spay them from time to time; you must sign an agreement for this. The breeders must also keep the law all the time.

Another thing that you must do is monitor and analyze all the puppies in the litter for certain undesirable characteristics in dogs that could be genetic such as shyness. Determine whether all the puppies have the same attribute of being shy which could obviously mean that it is genetic. Do not assume that they would grow out of it as anything genetic is carried into adulthood and the problem with shy dogs is that they tend to snap at people, which is not good.

A boxer puppy can either be brindle or fawn which describes the color of their smooth, soft and short hair. You can choose either of the two when looking for the best puppy of a boxer breed. If you decide to go for the brindle boxer puppies, ensure that they are very healthy before purchasing. A healthy puppy or dog is always playful, live and very alert. Check and monitor how the puppy interacts with both the litter and the mother as this will also help you determine whether they are healthy or not. The puppy’s water should be changed often and must be clean all the time. A wet nose or muzzle, open and bright eyes as well as a shiny fur or coat of the puppy must also be looked into.

Whether you decide to go for fawn boxer puppies or the former, it does not matter as all the qualities apply to either of them as they are all boxer breeds. Another important factor to put into consideration is the weight of the dog which should always be constant. Look out for the puppy’s personality; play with them and find out if they are outgoing or not, as healthy dogs are expected to be so. Watch out for aggressiveness as the best boxer dog for a family should neither be too aggressive nor even submissive but having a balanced personality and mild temperament.

What You Need To Know When You Want To Sell Car

If you want to sell your used car then there are some important things that you must know. Following tips will help you avoid many problems if you want to sell car.

Think like a Buyer
What would be your approach if you had to buy the same type of used-car that you’re selling? What questions would you ask the seller? Also, whenever buying a used car, buyers come with lots of suspicions and preconceived notions. If you can guess those concerns correctly then you can answer all those questions without any problem. Mileage and engine condition are major concerns to people interested in buying a used car. They want to know if the car has been in a wreck, or have any previous damage. Try to guess their excuses for not buying your type of used car. Be ready with right answers for all such questions.

Know How to Price Your Car
It is natural to expect the best price when you want to sell car but you need to know the prevailing market price of used cars in the same category. Check prices of similar used cars for sale in advertisements and at local used car dealers.

Prepare Your Car for Selling
It can be difficult if you drive the same car even now but if it is possible then get your car serviced properly before selling. You should also get it professionally cleaned. Both exterior and interior should be cleaned and prepared. Do not forget the tires. You need to present your car in good condition to a prospective buyer.

Market Your Car Properly
If you cannot market your car effectively, finding a buyer can be challenging, even if your car is in fairly good condition. Newspaper classifieds can be expensive so choose that option carefully. There are many internet websites where you can advertise your car. Placing ads on sites that receive good traffic from people looking for used cars for sale is certainly a good practice.

Know How to Negotiate
You should know how to inform details about the car to a prospective buyer. Explain positive points like low mileage, no accident, good gas mileage, original owner, additional accessories, record of maintenance, remaining warranty, etc. Buyers will point out negative things of the car so you should be ready with the right answers. To sell car, advertise it at a higher price than what you expect. Buyers feel happy when they can negotiate a lower price. You should also know when to let a prospective buyer leave rather than drop the price too low.

Meet at a Safe Place
Avoid meeting an unknown buyer in an unsafe place. If you allow the buyer to test drive the car make sure you take all precautions. Let the buyer drive only if the person is not a minor, and shows driver’s license and proof of insurance.

When you are trying to sell your car, make it clear to the buyer that you are selling the car on “as is” basis. Inform that you will not be taking back the car once it is sold. It should be clear that you are not providing any warranty, guarantee or promise of any type from your side. Hand over the keys and title only after receiving complete payment. If the payment is through check then sell car only after cashing the check. Know local laws as well as terms and conditions of your loan and insurance companies before selling your used car.

Managing Your Gaming Habits

I remember when I was eager to finish college so I could start earning money and buy all those games I couldn’t afford earlier. When I finished college, I was so happy I would finally be able to play those games! Soon after I started working, I noticed a flaw in my plan. I did have the money, but I didn’t have time for games. Being a grown up gamer sucks. Is there any hope for us? Well, there is, but you will have to change some gaming habits.

Time consuming games are out of the question. As a grown up, what I found most frustrating is that I wasn’t able to stay in my progression raiding team in World of Warcraft. They would start progress at 9PM and finish around 2 AM, and they would do so during the week, not on weekends. I couldn’t keep up with such a schedule so I dropped out. MOBA and FPS games are also difficult to handle at times. Playing a round or two quickly turns into “this was real bad, I really want to win the next one”. It’s best to stick to games that have save and exit, as well as the pause option.

Priorities, priorities! If your baby needs a diaper change, you shouldn’t ignore this because you are farming bot lane in League of Legends. Change that diaper first. If you have a report to finish, finish it and play afterwards. Your spouse will most likely understand that you need some game time in your life, but you have to reciprocate. If you have promised your spouse you will go for a walk today or have dinner at a restaurant, do not skip this. It’s best if you do your chores first and play games afterwards – you will have everything done and you won’t have any guilt trips.

Integrate games into your family time as well. This doesn’t mean that all of you will be playing CoD. Family games on PlayStation, Xbox or Wii are the best way to do so. Especially while playing Wii, as you also get your exercise. Well rounded up family and gaming routines will make both you and your family happy.

Is Honey Is Healthy As It Is Sweet?

Honey has been used as a remedy since ancient times. There are records about ancient Greeks and Egyptians using it. Throughout the ages, it was used mixed with various herbs to treat pain, fever, dehydration and more. As science progressed, studies have shown that honey helps in treating candida alba, E. Coli, salmonella shigella, vibrio cholera and many more diseases caused by bacteria. Honey will do wonders for you.

The most common honey varieties include chestnut, acacia, polyfloral and linden honey, but there are many more varietals you can try. Every time you travel to a new country, try visiting their local market and buy local honey. Even if it’s the same sort as the one you buy home, it will taste different, as the bees buzz around different flowers.

When buying honey, you should always check its quality. Quality of honey is very important. Today, there are many products out there that are supposed to be honey, but aren’t even close to the real thing. There are several methods you can use to check the quality of the honey you just bought. The first test is quite simple. Take a spoon of honey and put it into a glass of water. If the honey melts quickly, this means that sugar was added. It will take a long time for the real honey to melt. The second test involves denatured alcohol. Take a cup and put the same amount of honey and denatured alcohol into it – the honey is a real deal if it settles at the bottom. Impure honey will make the solution milky. For the third test, you will need candles with cotton wicks.


Dip the wick into the honey, shake the excess honey off and light the wick. If it burns, the honey is pure. There one more simple test: you can try adding a few drops of honey onto blotting paper – if it’s absorbed, it’s not pure. Pure honey will stay on the surface. With these simple tests, you can always make sure that the honey you are buying is the real deal.